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Artificial Insemination

Foam: PE or EVA.
Pipe: PP.
Package: 1000pcs/box

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Shandong Muge livestock Equipment LLC is the biggest manufacture of pig semen catheter in China. Now, we have five type foam catheter for gilt and  sow. Our free sample is available.
Material of foam: PE or EVA.
Material of pipe: PP.

Model Description Foam Pipe Total length
Material Dia Length Material Dia
SJ-1 Small PE 20.5mm 32mm PP 6.3mm 520mm
SJ-2 Middle 20.5mm 34mm
SJ-3 Big 21mm 33mm
SJ-4 Spiral PVC 17.5mm 76mm 523mm
SJ-D Deep PE / EVA 20/21mm

Videos of semen catheter:

Thirty minutes before use, remove the chilled semen bottle from its pack and allow the semen to warm up.
Before inserting the catheter, clean the sow's vulva and the area around it with a fresh, damp cloth or paper towel. This reduces the chances of introducing infectious material into the uterus and also provides sexual stimulation.
1. Semen. Keep the semen in the storage container until you are ready to use it.
2. Knife or scissors to cut off the tip of the semen bottle. (Some bottles have twist-off caps.)
3. Damp paper towel or rag to clean the vulva.
4. An insemination rod. Disposable rods are available from semen suppliers.
5. A mature boar in an adjacent pen, or Sex Odor Aerosol (Boar Scent or SOA).
6. Lubricating jelly or OB lube (make sure it is non spermicidal).
7. Optional: Oxytocin, a syringe, and needle. Oxytocin is a prescription drug available from veterinarians. In some situations (described below) an injection of Oxytocin is helpful. 
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