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Automatic Stainless Steel Pig Feeder

  • B-8
  • MUGE
This product uses the professional technology to ensure high quality and saves lots of fodder whose value is equal to two automatic pig feeders.
Structure and components:
304# stainless plate with on-time mould pressing, dozens types of charging baskets made of LLDEPUR644 materials which are imported from Korea and use technologies of rotational molding and engineering polypropylene injection molding
Excellent functions:
Involutes displacement adjustment device, it accurately adjusts the quantity required according to the different stages of growth and is smooth and endurable.
The discharge pipe stabilizer:
The discharge hole keeps rotating to ensure the homogeneity and continuity of discharging.
Internal anti-blocking material feeders:
Ensure smooth discharging, and feeding process doesn’t require manual stirring so as to raise pig’s feeding efficiency.
Problems that can be solved:
Solve the problems that fodder is accumulated and deteriorated and is discharged too much or too less as well as discharging is blocked, improve fodder utilization rate.
Model Size (L*W*H) Specifacation Thickness
S-3S 600×350×550mm Single side 3 holes 1.0mm
S-5S 900×350×550mm Single side 5 holes 1.0mm
S-6D 600×500×550mm Double sides 6 holes 1.0mm
S-10D 900×500×550mm Double sides 10 holes 1.0mm
B-3S 900X450X900mm Single side 3 holes 1.0mm
B-4S 1040×450×900mm Single side 4 holes 1.2mm
B-5S 1250×450×900mm Single side 5 holes 1.2mm
B-5S2 1500×450×900mm Single side 5 holes 1.2mm
B-6D 900X735X900MM Double sides 6 holes 1.2mm
B-8D 1040×735×900mm Double sides 8 holes 1.2mm
B-10D 1250×735×900mm Double sides 10 holes 1.2mm
B-10D2 1500×735×900mm Double sides 10 holes 1.2mm

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