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pig electric heating plate

  • M5090
  • MUGE
  • Size: 500*900mm, 550*1000mm
  • Material: SMC
  • Resistive heater: Carbon fiber
  • Spring: Stainless steel
  • Package: Carbon
Polymer heating plates in the farrowing floor and piglet departments. Scientific testing showed that the energy consumption is much lower in comparison with plastic or other polymer heating plates, because of the excellent conductivity of the heat in polymer.

Important: You will lower the outer temperature in the stable to a minimum of 20-22˚C while the piglets are located on the heating plate of approximately 29-30˚C on the top surface. The surface where the piglets come on the heating, heats very fast and the heat spreads very quickly over the entire plate and directly to the piglet body.

Mould pressing technology pig heating plates are matched with voltage regulator (0, 50%, 100%), and europlug voltage regulator for your choice.

Model Technology Size Power Voltage Weight Package
M5090 Mould pressing 500*900mm 60-120W 110-220V 50-60HZ 4.7kg/pc 5pcs/box
M50100 550*1000mm 7.5kg/pc
How to use piglets electric heating plate?

It’s very simple to use piglet electric heating plate, just put the electric heating plate tiled in the piggery floor or can be put within the incubator box of the sow farrowing crate.
 However, for safety reasons, the hot plate power plug should be placed in the corridor at the other end. When the hot plate be put well, just plug the power to the heating plate can be heated, the red light shows the normal power. At this point the gear can be placed in the "high" file to achieve the purpose of rapid warming. When preheating about half an hour after the time, touch the surface of the electric plate or observe the piglet activity (for pigs do not get together is appropriate). Then you can shift the stall to the "low" gear (insulation gear), because there is no need to deliberately pursue high temperatures.

What should to be paid attention in the process of using piglet electric heating plate?

For electrical products, you must read its instruction carefully before use it. If you do not understand anything, you can consult the relevant professionals or check relevant professional information. Avoid improper operation, so as not to affect the performance of electric panels or cause unnecessary security risks. Note the following points in the process of using piglet electric heating plate.

1). Can only use one-way AC 220V power supply; AC 380V power supply is strictly prohibited! Otherwise, it will cause the electric board overheating and cause a fire.

2). Use of carbon fiber heating wire, carbon fiber is a new type of high-performance fiber reinforced materials. With the rapid heating, electric conversion efficiency, saving energy, high tensile strength, broken arc can not afford, light weight, chemical stability, long life and other advantages. Which can not afford to break the arc, can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire.

3). The user must be installed in the circuit leakage protection switch and the installation of external insulation on the hot plate device(Springs are not allowed to ride directly on metal conductors), to ensure the use of security.

4). In the process of handling and use of electric panels, is strictly prohibited to pull the external spring and wire electric wire.

5). Please do not directly in the hot plate perforation, nails and so on. So as not to damage the electric heating elements caused by damage or leakage.

6). Recommended supporting the use of incubators, incubator lower cavity size and the size of the external contour match, so that no place under the small animal mouth.

7). If the size of the lower cavity of the incubator is too large, one end of the heating plate can withstand the incubator, the other end with bamboo, hard plastic or metal strips fixed to the wood plate.

8). If you do not set the incubator, you should make local material plate, with the pressure of the hot plate to protect them, the power cord to protect the external spring with insulating material.

9). When you cleaning the heating mats, shut down the power. Air-dry it before using again.

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